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2015 -
2015 -

The "Winery at Wilcox" Family Grows

As many of you now know, this April The Winery at Wilcox will be adding a new member to our growing family.
The Winery at Hunters Valley (formerly Hunters Valley Winery) will be re-opening for business in mid to late April
(keep checking for the latest up-to-date info). Hunters Valley Winery was founded by Bill and Darlene Kvaternik
in 1987 on an idyllic spot overlooking the Susquehanna River. They poured their energies and affection into
the winery and anyone who set foot on the property can tell.

Before his death, Bill approached us about
purchasing the winery. It was bittersweet.
While we were excited about the opportunity,
we were deeply saddened by the circumstances
leading to it. After much deliberation we decided
to take the leap. One thing that we decided early
on is that we wanted to preserve Bill and Darlene’s
legacy as much as possible while still retaining
our personality as well. We are going for,
“Hunters Valley with a Winery at Wilcox touch”.
In this way we decided to retain the name Hunters
Valley but change it to “The Winery at Hunters
Valley” so as to match with her sisters, The
Winery at Wilcox and The Winery at Versailles.
We also wanted to retain some of the look and
atmosphere that Bill and Darlene have created.
Hopefully you will see that in the new look of the
labels, wine list, and tasting room. And for those
worried about their favorite wines we have
retained all but a few of the wines on the list and
added some that you’re sure to love.

There may be many changes throughout the coming months and years but one thing we don’t plan on changing
is Bill and Darlene’s commitment to excellent wine and customer service. Please come help us celebrate this
new chapter for us and let us know what you think. I can only hope that you, as well as Bill and Darlene, are well pleased.
Mike, Carol and Jamie Williams and the gang at The Winery at Wilcox, Inc.
2015 -

Why are we so passionate about giving back to our community? Because without our communities, the Winery at Wilcox would not be where it is today!

DuBois Community Days took over the town on June 12th and 13th and The Winery at Wilcox was excited to help out once again. Our employees could be found helping children make fun masks. We were thrilled to sponsor the “Secret Circus” too. One of our favorite
parts of the weekend is the
Community Days parade!
You might have seen us in our
“Wine-ee Women” themed float
this year!

The money raised during
DuBois Community days helps
make a difference in our
community by supporting the
DuBois Volunteer Fire
Department. We are so proud to
help support such a great organization. Be sure to look for us next year at the 24th annual Community Days!

Want to help support The DuBois Volunteer Fire Department and The Winery at Wilcox? Stop by The Wine Shop in the DuBois Mall and check out our special Community Days labels. A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the DVFD.
2015 -

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everybody who participated in our home wine-making competition!
Click here to see highlights from 2014!
2015 -

Coming soon: Our newest blue bottle, "Freedom"

In honor of the faithful and dedicated service of our country's men and
women in uniform, the Winery at Wilcox will be releasing their new
designer wine, titled "Freedom". With the sale of each bottle, $2.00 will be
donated to the L.E.E.K. Hunting and Mountain Preserve. The organization
is a completely volunteer-run facility dedicated to offering therapeutic
outdoor programs for wounded veterans with all levels of disabilities with
the mission of providing a friendly handicap-accessible camp environment
and therapeutic outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. LEEK believes
in encouraging our wounded heroes to focus on their abilities, without
compromising their current physical limitations by providing a safe and
friendly environment where wounded U.S. service members can assist
each other through the healing process, both mentally and physically.
LEEK Preserve, founded by the Fisher Family, purchased land in scenic
Potter County, Pa. specifically to establish LEEK, a charitable, tax-exempt,
501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization, which offers guided hunts, fishing
outings and outdoor experiences for wounded veterans. This is a cause
near and dear to The Winery at Wilcox as the Williams family has 3 generations of their family having served in the United States Armed Forces. Owner Carol Williams' father, Harold Freitag, served in the Army, owner Mike Williams served in the Army, and their Grandson Gregg Dauber served in the Air Force. Please join the Winery at Wilcox in supporting this great local organization, and give back to those who have already given so much in the name of Freedom. For more information, please visit